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Next President of the United Fates of America
Note that Rubio is now surging to a solid 2nd place in NH and overall,
{aside from Iowa}
and exceeding the Cruz numbers which are looking like a temporary rise and slow decline.

Cream of Buckwheat Carson's ship is already on the bottom of the sea, and even Bush has increased some.

This surge by Rubio is important and I think that he will retain that position and increase upon it.

The problem is that Trump is too far ahead.
The 2nd problem is that Cruz may be Trump's shadow VP candidate in the long run.

Cruz in unelectable IMO, but Trump may take the nomination.
Rubio really is the best chance the Republicans have against Hillary,
or at least he is on par in potential with Trump.

The Christie numbers will fail after NH.

This is extremely good news for the Rubio team.

The question thus is whether or not Trump can compete with Hillary more so than Rubio.
Both show moments of shallowness on the news fronts.
Trump also stands a good chance of being assassinated.

This is a fairly comprehensive link for polling results over a very wide spectrum,
and compares to earlier results.

the Kasich, Christie and Bush numbers are surprising,
but they will all plummet after NH, especially Christie and Kasich as they all head south to SC.

As long as too many candidates are in the race,
Trump will maintain a large lead.
Several need to drop out to realign the numbers more evenly.

very interesting Hmm2

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