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Next President of the United Fates of America

Carson and Christie siad a whole lotta nothing on Assad and ISIS

Bush is full of BS on refugees and the moderator just kicked Bush's ass 
as he mentioned Trumps 8 point rise in polls

Trump just swats Bush aside so easy and Bush looks around like this  Sheep 
on the Muslim issue entering America ...

Trump unfortunately repeats himself too much
"we have a problem ... we have a big problem ... we have a really big bad problem" ... {in this country}


Christie again says nothing

Rubio talks with presence and authority.

Cruz also did well on the issue. ... "utterly and completely destroy ISIS"  Applause

Cream of Buckwheat is soggy cereal.

Bush is on life support IMO



the China tariff issue of Trump was good stuff

Trump out badgered the Fox moderators quite well

This China issue fell into Trump's lap.

Trump just hammered Bush --- called him the weak candidate --- Whip

you could hear Bush whining in the background 
as the camera panned towards Bush and caught him saying  :... "c'mon man"  Rofl

wow the Trump - Bush exchange was nasty

Cruz backs Trump on the China issue .. and tosses Bush a bone ...

Cruz: ...  "abolish the IRS" Lol


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