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Next President of the United Fates of America

The Cruz Rubio flashpoint was just great.
Cruz looked to take the momentum and almost got there, 
but Rubio came back really sharp and prepared with the stinging comeback.

Cruz got hammered by Rubio. ... even got booed.

Bush is trying really hard ... E for effort Nonono  EF  for  Effort Failure  Lol 

even the moderator pinched Bush easily




that is funny how perceptions of how candidates perfrom are perceived

Quote:Rubio gets hammer by Cruz

he definitely did in the prior exchange,
but in this one 
I thought that Rubio's comeback was tight and excellent and embarrsed Cruz.

Rubio redeemed himself but remains vulnerable on that gang of 8 issue.

Nonetheless Rubio took some hits

closing statements


"we will win on everything we do"

Trump lands the best shot with a slogan that resonates for everyone.

let me consider who won 



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