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Next President of the United Fates of America
this pro Cruz magazine and article has very interesting content.
check out the characters funding Cruz with Super Pac $

more at link
Ted Cruz Is Smart, Disciplined, and Has a Strategy to Win

Quote:For all of their loathing, 
GOP elites seem powerless to stop Cruz. 

He has three large SuperPACs backing him, 
each funded by a different ultra-wealthy benefactor. 
Robert Mercer, a hedge-fund billionaire 
who got extremely rich by using computer models to outsmart the stock market, 
is one of the financiers; 
Mercer’s company has been the subject of both IRS and congressional investigations 
for potentially shorting the federal government a whopping $6 billion in taxes.

The Wilks family of Texas, 
who made their fortune in fracking, Hmm2
funds another of the Cruz Super PACs. 
Their interest isn’t just energy extraction, however—
the Wilks see themselves as religious crusaders trying to reinstill Christian values in a lost nation. 
One of their preoccupations is teaching the Bible in public schools. 

The third Super PAC is funded primarily by Toby Neugebauer, 
an energy investor from Texas, 
who donated $10 million earlier this year, 
one of the largest individual donations of the 2016 cycle. 
Neugebauer is a strictly transactional player, 
who in the past flew then-Governor Rick Perry around on his private jet 
to ply him for better access to shale formations in north Texas.

Flush with all this cash,  
Cruz has paid keen attention to new rules governing the Republican primary. 

As noted by The Wall Street Journal last year, 
Cruz spotted this potential problem and began quietly sending emissaries 
to Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Virgin Islands. 

Each of these territories counts as a primary state, 
and if Cruz can run the table in those territories, 
he already has five of the eight majority votes needed to qualify for the Republican nomination. 
Cruz’s former Harvard Law professor, Alan Dershowitz, 
has called Cruz “off-the-charts brilliant,” 
and you certainly get a sense of that watching Cruz make his run for the White House.

But broadly speaking, 
Cruz’s platform is a fairly standard menu of slashing tax cuts, 
and steep deregulation, 
(he likes to joke that the only difference between locusts and regulators 
are that “you can’t use pesticide on regulators”) Naughty
and increased defense spending. 
He’s somebody that Republicans in Congress would find generally agreeable.

Why, then, hasn’t a single Republican governor or Senator endorsed Cruz’s campaign? 

The party establishment correctly sees Cruz as someone who has demagogued them for strictly personal gain. 

In 2013, 
congressional Republicans were well-positioned to extract some big concessions from Obama 
in budget negotiations after the president was weakened 
by the disastrous roll-out of, 
and as nervous Senate Democrats looked ahead to a rough midterm election. 

But Cruz swooped in and single-handedly demanded the impossible goal 
of stopping Obamacare in the budget deal. 

The conservative grassroots quickly mobilized to this cause, 
the government shut down when Democrats refused to give in to the obviously over-reaching demands. 

Republican favorability ratings plummeted, albeit temporarily, 
and when the dust settled and a budget deal was signed, 
the GOP didn’t get much of anything.

The only Republican to benefit was Ted Cruz, 
gaining both fame and fortune from grassroots conservatives after the episode. 

His fundraising totals reached new heights in the final quarter of 2013, 
and he is now armed with campaign trail stories 
about taking on the weak-kneed wimps who lead the GOP Lol

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