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Next President of the United Fates of America
That Fox News Whorehouse pissed me off.
The debate was not televised here on Fox, or Fox Business News channel.
It was on the internet link only, for Fox Business News.

The goddam debate should be on a prime time channel.
Fox TV should have televised it. 
CNN doesn't make you go to an internet link solely. 

Trump won the debate!
By not showing up!
He kicked Fox news ass.
Megyn Kelly is relegated to Fox News poster whore once and for all.

Trump had them all there on stage beating the crap out of each other,
and none of them could effectively entangle Trump into the debate content.

I watched the post debate content on CNN and elsewhere.
Rubio technically won the debate on stage,
but he has done that several times now and it has not helped.
The two upcoming primaries in Iowa and NH will foretell his destiny.

Rubio is presidential material but he shows his youth.
Trump as an entertainer and business man trumps Rubio's talent and experience.

I liked Rand Paul in the debate. He seems the ... cleanest in Intent ... of them all.

By all accounts Cruz suffered the most in the debate.
If Trump takes Iowa, Cruz is in big trouble.
Cruz is out of contention after NH, if Trump takes that as well.

Cruz however has a solid voter block behind him.
That sets the stage for a Trump - Cruz ticket as soon as Cruz bails out.

Rubio not only has Trump and Cruz to contend with,
Kasich is gaining in NH.
That leaves S. Carolina as the maker or eliminator for all candidates.

A Trump - Rubio ticket would beat heebie jeebie Hillary in an election.
Rubio would never do it.

A Trump - Cruz ticket has less chance of dethroning the Titanium Lady.

Who else would Trump use as VP? --- Palin is a loser.

Huckabee was at the Trump fund raiser during the debate ... Hmm2 

who else ... ?

The tactical move by Trump against the Fox debate appears to be brilliant,
as he set the stage for the Republican candidate clown infestation,
to they beat themselves up,
in a completely lack luster debate {aside from Rubio's assertiveness}.
Fox staged a cesspool of predictable boredom,
and the inevitable demotivational response from voters.

Megyn Kelly --- excess in suck-cess --- how to be a Fox News whore.

Vladimir Trump isn't running for president, he is running for Czar.

He doesn't have to kill journalists like Putin's record of jounalist murders in Russia however.
Putin and the KGB have to own the news in Russia,
but Trump just lets the American news source dig it's own grave,
by not cooperating with Trump's rather lenient demands.

In Trump's case {thus far},
his words are sharper than Putin's sword.

Can he sustain the Big Show to the presidency is the question.

How will his debates with Heebie Jeebie Hillary unfold if it comes to that?


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