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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:What a toilet south of the border!


It is a hoax ABC news site.

El Chumpo did not escapo his new shit holio.

Vladimir Trump however starring as the teflon Napoleon in his debate no-show,
will probably escape Iowa with a victory.

Rubio sees that golden chariot in the sky coming for him,
but it just flew on by because his sand castle magic has Trump's footprint blocking the front gate.

Cruz is just too slicko sly with shlocko talk.
He is like a Canadian Taco with a Harvard degree,
panto-mime-ing as an evangelical TV show Supreme Court Justice.

Bush is still El Stupidissimo in blunderland.

Christie is a backed up toilet, and Kasich is like Marcel Marceau on valium.

I liked Rand Paul in the debate.

I also liked Sarah Palin in the porn images  Smoke

Megyn Kelly is amusing in her Trump-a-thon slash job, 
like a 500 $ an hour Barbie doll whore Whip
with a little butcher knife, 
going after Ash in Evil Dead 3.

Hillary is sweating Benghazi bullets with Sanders in Iowa,
as Bernie flails about the political stages,
looking like a 1960's Thorazine magazine ad for elderly problem parents.

who else did I leave out?

polishing his putter,
as Putin spends the Russian national treasury financing the Syrian sinkhole of stinkhole.


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