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Next President of the United Fates of America
Tweeted to @Maddow and @chucktodd since they will moderate debate tomorrow night:

@maddow ? Hillary NOT 'mediawhore' or 'presstitute' + Rockefeller ETI' & NASA LYING ?Bernie2

Can The Hidden Mission team tweet these two with me and Hillary with CatBox and Properly Processed Ares Face on FaceBook since I still have not found a hosting service for less than $150/month.

Keith, Since you have LARGE images watch your STORAGE amount.  ALL 3 active sites was 1.2 TB and WITHIN TOS when I signed up with Hostmonster in July 2007....8 years later they sell out run with the $$$ and new owner spams those who are over limit in NEW tos NEVER told to me.  Nov 25th they started helping me then 5 days later they just pulled the plug.  If I had not made a full CPanel bup on October 28, 2015 I would have lost ore than just one month's data.

Bob... Ninja Alien2
"The Morning Light, No sensation to compare to this, suspended animation, state of bliss, I keep my eyes on the circling sky, tongue tied and twisted just and Earth Bound Martian I" Learning to Fly Pink Floyd [Video:]

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