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Next President of the United Fates of America
they are all liars

have you seen Christie's attacks on Rubio?

"the bubble boy" is what Christie called Rubio,
among a litany of aspersions cast.

With Trump ahead so farĀ in the polls in NH,
followed by Cruz,
the idiot Christie attacks Rubio,
instead of the two front runners.

Christie is a toilet. Bush is toilet paper.

Santorum backs Rubio as he drops out.

NH in 5 days.

Meanwhile heebie jeebie Hillary and Bernie Sanders,
have bore you to death town hall Q and A sessions.

Cruz is slick with snake oil dripping down his face.

Sad to see Rand Paul have to throw in the towel.

He needs to endorse one of the candidates.

Trump has to work at it now.
That will impinge on his free flow comedy act and stage routine capabilities.
Trump-o-tainment ... can it be sustained?

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