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Next President of the United Fates of America

Mama Bush and El  Pennywise  Stupidissimo Whip

She was telling the audience why Jeb is so homnest and trustworthy,
just like any good mother,
and she was out there at the age of 90.
Jeb is the clown that mama Bush had to pantomine around.

In that dice experiment article a few posts back,
that is interesting about the "cheating" increasing among winners.

But that corporate mind set of winner take all to make the dividends pay more,
is permeated throughout American society at this point.
Once you get an advantage you want / need to maintain it.
Competition is fierce.
How you do that is cheating to some, and common practice to others,
or just common sense.

For instance ... at an estate sale,
I see a 250 piece sterling silver flatware service sitting on the table,
with a price tag that says silver plate, 
and price marked for 200$.
The weight of the silver alone is 3 grand,
not to mention the pattern being rare and pretty.

A lot of people call that cheating when the dealer buys it, 
and doesn't say a word other than "thank you" and casually says "good day",
and walks away.

Advantage in business is what makes money.
Advantage in politics is what makes presidents strong leaders.

So Ted Pimp Cruz gained adavantage in Iowa by cheating,
and Hillary heebie jeebie Clinton gains advantage by lieing about emails and such,
and that is 
Sanders wants to change "business as usual" in DC.
Trump wants to change business and politics in DC,
in his televised Trump-o-tainment Love Boat comedy speeches.

Trump owns the dice in that dice experiment.

Now look who just upped his advantage from the Iowa finish.
Rubio is now in second place polling in NH!

And the Pillsbury dough boy Snake Prickmore aka Chris Christie, 
is cheating with lies and innuendo,
framed together from rolling out the ugly dice with repeated snake eyes  on Rubio.

But Christie is not really "cheating" even though he is twisting the truth as in lieing,
to gain or maintain an advantage in winning,
as expressed in the dice experiment.

So all that experiment did was confirm, 
that the "cheating" type of behavior is actually endemic in the society,
and that it is fed down into the demographics from the corporate and media establishments,
and especially
from the big banking conglomerates. 
To survive ... you will compete and try to take advantage.

Rubio in second place in NH.
Time to survive and win.
It will be very interesting to see what happens with, and to him.

Trump ... all flash, lots of cadillac, nice Italian silk ties, and a hairdresser on his jet.
... people starting to say and ask,
sounds great! 
but where's the How?  Dunno

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