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Next President of the United Fates of America
Just made it home for the debate watching the first 30 minutes while cooking.
Rubio unfortunately got hammered by Christie,
and that prick Christie caught Rubio being too scripted,
and clearly embarrassed Rubio.

Trump has had the easy go so far,
and Rubio gave him too much credit.

Bush is having his best time yet, it won't last.

the moderator on health issues ... Katherine Ham ... is lame and kind of dull in between the ears.

Nobody is getting much applause,
except Christie who obviously has a contingency group there at the debate to cheer.

Trump got booed but he really unveiled what the audience was composed of:
the candidates donors with special interests.

That took guts to challenge that contingency dominating the audience.
Bush still hanging on to the old lady who got her property taken,
very lame.
Trump is funny, 
"yea Jeb wants to be a tough guy tonite"  Lol

The CNN guys {Stefanopolous} flashed some credit to Bush for the eminent domain exchange.
Stefanopolous is a heebie jeebie Hillary news whore,
of course he would do that.

Kasich is still Marcel Marceau on valium.
I need coffee after listening to him.

Rubio is burying himself with the repetitive Obama attacks.
It isn't making traction, it is boring the special interests people in the audience.
It doesn't address Cruz or Trump, 
or show how Rubio differs in strategy to those two.

Rubio had their attention on ISIS, he did well.
The Sunni army backed by US air power to take on ISIS ... that is a kind of a pipe dream.
But his command of speech did catch the audience attention responding very well,
to the crispness of his answer.

Cruz was clear and concise as well.

Trump is at least competent on answers and with just as much substance as anybody else.

break even on all answers

except Cruz just endorsed ... waterboarding in enhanced interrogations ... Rofl

chopping off heads   chopping off heads  chopping off heads,
and a hell of a lot more Lol

roly poly Ghoul heads!

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