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Next President of the United Fates of America
Rubio gets heckled by clowns at one of his rallies.

[Image: jlxvjdzv5ab1d8xm6ide.png]

They have a point.
Rubio remains too scripted.
He is going to have to break out of that mold.

But in the Sunday polls he has held his ground for the most part.
Kasich got the biggest polling bump,
Bush got a nudge up,
Cruz is in a stall,
and Christie for all his effort against Rubio, didn't get any gains to speak of.

Trump in front without much change ... down a pinch in polling numbers.

Kasich and Christie are about out of cash.

News quotes state from Rubio sources ... that Rubio raised 600,000 in donations after the debate.

I sense that Trump now knows he is going to have to work harder and harder.
Trump-o-tainment is realizing that the Big Show takes more than improv comedy can offer.

He does exhibit a quality capacity to change persona in adaptation to public perception.
In the final statements on the debate,
Trump made it quite clear in his statement,
that cooperation with congress and senate was a team effort,
but that it was going to be done ... Trump's way,
and he looked right into the camera when he said that.
That is good stuff actually,
fair notice,
Vladimir Napoleon Trump plans on making it happen his way,
or you go the highway.

After the debate Trump represented himself as the cool calm collected solid statesman to the media.

Cruz is a very very smart guy, craftier and far slicker than Rubio.
He is certainly capable of being a crafty international politician,
but he may make too many enemies far too fast.
He might make a very good secretary of state for Trump.

Carson needs to go back to church and pray for a miracle.

Bush wants to be a tough guy just like Trump insinuated at the debate,
but he is more like a stale pop tart reheated in a toaster,
or a jack in the box that pops up and then just goes limp on the spring,
as his bobble head loses momentum and ends up dangling over the edge of the box .

Hillary mean while,
campaigns in Michigan knowing that she has SC in the pocket.
That Iowa victroy for Clinton was a real stroke of luck for her.

Rubio ... 1 day left to save his ass.
Can he do it?

Who are the VP possibilities for any of the above?


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