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Next President of the United Fates of America

Rubio Sheep  didn't even beat Sheep  Bush.

yea yea yea ... Rubio got some delegates by the skin of his teeth,
but Cruz didn't spend a dime New Hampshire,
and took 3rd,
going into South Carolina where I think he will do well.

El Stupidissimo is savoring his finish over Rubio,

but Bush has to make or break in SC.

I personally think that Rubio is finished.
That is certainly premature judgement, 
but the New Hampshire vote clearly reflected Rubio's debate debacle.
He would have to be a 21st century Comeback Kid,
to emerge from the flames of his immolation on national TV.

Christie for all his venom in political tactics against Rubio,
failed to gain any ground in a state he had to do well in,
and he is finished.

Cream of WTF Buckwheat Carson,
didn't even out perform the aluminum foil lady Carly Fiorina.


Kasich ... well good for him ... bores me to death ...
I bet he bores the SC crowd to death as well.

Anything and everything, 
that the above listed candidates continue to do in competition with each other, 
is all to the benefit of Trump.

Trump got more votes than Kasich and Cruz put together. 

Carson, Christie, and Fiorina are non entities and should leave the race.
That would toss back in up to 15% points back in the rest of the pack.

Rubio hopes that pinching up delegates here and there,
will buy him time to ressurrect his candidacy.
It could happen, he does have some staying power with the funding he still retains.

A Rubio comeback debate performance Dance2 would be pulling the rabbit out of the top hat,
 ... on Saturday night Whistle 

Watch for Bush to "try and be a tough guy"  at the debate.
He still hasn't once gone after Cruz.


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