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Next President of the United Fates of America
Tonite's "bloodbath" Republican debate is in CBS at 9 EST and 6 PST.

Tune in for live coverage when Jeb Bush plays tough guy,
and confronts Trump about his pussy talk on the TV news broadcasts.


Bush has been a political pussy. Reefer
He plans on changing that tonite.

I will say this about Bush. 
If he was in Cam Newton's cleats in the Super Bowl,
he would have tried to dive on the fumbles.

That is what Bush does best, diving onto his many fumbles to try and recover momentum.

Cruz and his comedy skits in TV ads isn't gaining any traction from them IMO.

Trump's game plan gets tougher with each debate.
He cannot afford to make a Rubio blunder fuck.

Watch Trump refer to Bush directly as a lightweight pussy without saying the actual word.

Why is WTF Buckwheat Carson even showing up?
give it up man

Bush has inflated his balls for this debate.

Rubio has to become ... Jesus resurrecting himself from the dead.

Kasich will bore SC voters to death.
They will see him as a Marcel Marceau mime of Rumplestilskin asleep at the wheel.

Trump still is The Big Show.
Can anyone drop the curtain on his act?

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