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Next President of the United Fates of America
Rubio did well but he can't walk on water fast enough 
to Miracle Man his way back into contention.

I thought that Cruz did the worst of anybody as far as crowd or national appeal.
His battle with Trump however was his strong point in the debate,
on the issue of being a conservative.

I think that Trump did well enough to maintain his lead just fine enough to win.

kasich ... carson ... pfft

Bush will do OK in SC, 
but he didn't score as a tough guy, 
Trump is right, Bush is just a weak cow tit with no milk.

Both Rubio and Trump labeled cruz as the Liar.

Rubio has to out poll Bush, he just has to.

I am done with Rubio.
His defense of GW Bush in the Two Towers and Iraq debacles was just cock sucking ridiculous.
He is still heavily scripted.

Trump still did not lose, so he still won by the fact that nobody else won.

Bush needs to lose and be done with.
Trump was correct on all counts on the WMDs and GW.
 It my not play out well in SC, but the rest of the nation knows he is correct.

Rubio got some traction in his eloquence.
Miracle Man ... he is not.

I am done with Rubio, his defense of GW Bush was so lame.

Even the post debate pundits are saying that Bush's attacks on Trump failed.

Those pundits appear to be saying that Trump lost.
I don't see it that way.
Maybe I just don't like Bush too much to see it that way.

Trump took all the boos at the onset of the debate, and turned them into his asset on the spot.

Poll numbers won't change too much IMO,
but if I am wrong,
then Trump would lose 10-15 points right off the top, if he ... lost the debate Nonono

we shall see.

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