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Next President of the United Fates of America
good posts Wook and Mayito, thanks.

check out the polling results for Fri, Sat, and Sun

The CBS poll shows Trump with a whopper lead.
The debate fallout should filter into the results by Tues or Wed.

The key here is how Junkyard Jeb does in SC.
If he fails to break into double digits, he is toast.

Rubio will get his bump back into a vague footing of contention.
But Rubio still has to exceed Cruz.

The battle between Bush and Rubio takes center stage in SC.

Like Trump said to Jeb,
your mama should have run for president. Lol

They keep replaying that moment on the news.

Cruz got hit with the Liar label by both Trump and Rubio,
that will start to stick if he doesn't take action to counter the perception repeated by the media.

Like I said, I am done with Rubio.
That is unfortunate, as he does have the JFK charisma to parlay into a presidency,
but he just got too charismatic with his support of GW Bush in the debate.
That was sickening.
I trust Rubio less than Cruz now,
and Bush ...
remains a nitwit with a Rubic cube of personal clown conundrums,
that he still has to unravel for the voters to see if he is anthing more than another Bush,
for the Big Dog Trump,
to lift his leg and take a quick leak on.

Kasich ... he will have to weather the South and hope he lasts into the Midwest where he is strong.

Wook's point about Kasich as a VP was appropriate.
You did not see Trump attack Kasich or Rubio,
who represent Ohio and Florida respectively as voter block potential.

Note that Trump pointed to Cruz as unable to speak Spanish -- a clear reference to Rubio,
as a VP possibility.
You can watch Trump literally vet the other candidates as they speak ... for VP content.

Cruz countered quickly by speaking Spanish on stage to Rubio Rofl

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