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Next President of the United Fates of America
One thing can be said now for certain.

The Bush Dynasty is finished for good.
The Bullshitissimo twins will never amount to anything politically viable,
and Jeb couldn't drag out any more Bushkins to try and save his dummy dust filled campaign.
no more GW, no more El Stupidissimo, and no more Mama Bush, 
in a televized slow death of lingering political failure.

The CNN post election coverage has an Obama-noid named Van Jones,
that went off on Trump for not saying something nice Lol
about the Bush failure and campaign departure in SC.
Rubio and Cruz both distastefully sucked up to Bush voters in post election speeches,
but only Trump held firm to his dislike and disdainful comtempt of El Stupidissimo,
but he showed class in just not saying anything at all about Bush.

Well I will say it.
Jeb Bush is the 100 milliion dollar failure.
wasting that 100 million dollars in his clown campaign.
Jeb Bush is an international political embarrassment.

We all owe Trump a round of applause for entering this race,
and by doing so,
burying the Bush dynasty forever.

Well, I called it for Rubio taking second place. Applause

This was a major setback for Cruz.
SC, an evangelical state,
rejected the Ted -Harvard 666- Cruz brand of evangelical politics,
by voting for Rubio and Trump in greater numbers.

Cruz exists on the edge of sociopathic evangelical fanatcism,
causing him to be a political liability in electability against Hillary.
As such a sizable contingency of SC voters abandoned Cruz,
and voted into the Rubio surge to second place.

The post SC primary speeches by the candidates were interesting.
Trump interestingly brought the family women on stage and had Melania say a few words,
and though she is somewhat novice and stumbly in that stage presence,
she was sincere and attractively sweet,
and looked upon quite positively by the CNN post debate pundits.

Trump cleaned up and sent the Pope packing.
Trump cleaned up and sent the Bush dynasty packing.
Trump cleaned up as well on evangelical voteras abandoning Cruz.

The  Trump brought out Ivanka, {who I earlier in a post called Bianca while drinking beer} Slap2
and she is also a very interesting addition to the overall stage setting,
that Trump is unfolding for the upcoming states.
12 Pics That Prove Ivanka Trump 
Would be the HOTTEST First Daughter EVER

[Image: 0c9ea3893243a155943ba8f29d3f5cbf_large.jpeg]

I am still trying to decide if her titties are real  Smoke   
The above looks photo shopped rather than hot stuffed silicone taffy, 
but they are a bit overtly and voluptuously rounded.

Perhaps she uses padded bras in some images   Hmm2

[Image: Ivanka-Trump-smiled-her-jewelry-launch.jpg]

Those titties look real.  Luv

Megyn Kelly cannot even compete with Ivanka Trump's class and beauty.
[Image: ivankaf2.jpg]

Melania Trump, First Lady. 

[Image: American+Ballet+Theatre+68th+Annual+Spri...PYU9ix.jpg]


Melania Trump's titties are definitely real.

[Image: Breast-Cancer-Research-Foundation-Annual...KDoj3x.jpg]

wow, what a first lady

holy Smoke smokes 


On to Nevada!
Bring all those campaign champagne trail titties to Nevada Mr. Trump, 
because those titties can help win elections in Nevada,
and even in the bible belt.

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