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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:CIUDAD JUAREZ, Chihuahua — In front of a large audience of manufacturing leaders, Pope Francis I spoke out against focusing on the bottom line instead of on the lives of the workers.
“God will settle the score with the slavers of our day,” the Pope said.
The comments came when the Catholic Church’s top official visited this border city, considered to be an industrial hub that provides materials and workforce for both sides of the border.
“There is a special relation that this city has with the world of jobs,” Pope Francis I said. “Because of this place, we need to foster debate and relations to create a better future.”
According to the Pope one of the harshest blows to Ciudad Juarez is the lack of employment opportunities. Pope Francis also cited the lack of education which perpetuates the cycle of poverty and marginalization.
“This poverty is the best recipe for young men to fall in the cycle of drug trafficking and violence,” the Pope said.
As manufacturing leaders looked on, Pope Francis I spoke out against the “paradigm of economic utilities as the basis of modern relations”.
By focusing on the bottom line and in the maximum profit, the ethical dimensions of businesses becomes lost, he said.
“They forget that the best investment is to invest in people,” Pope Francis said. “The current mentality exploits employees. They use them, abuse them and dump them. God will settle the score with the slavers of our day.”
According to the Pope, the flow of moneys can not determine the flow of life and the flow of individuals. He added that the modern social doctrine of the church is to look out for individuals who are threatened. The doctrine will push for fair wages, just employment, a roof to sleep under, time to spend with family.
“The doctrine will be prophetic. It will help us to not get lost in the seductive sea of ambition,” the Pope said. “This is not against anyone but in favor of everyone.”
Ildefonso Ortiz is an award winning journalist with Breitbart Texas you can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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