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Next President of the United Fates of America
Rubio was no more of a walk off winner than Cruz or Trump.

Rubio had his best debate,
too little too late.
He is still the Dustin Hoffmanesque Little Big Man,
but Trump isn't Sitting Bull,
he is Walking Tall with a big stick.

The fact is that Trump won enough of the debate,
by not losing to the hard core and quality double pronged all night attack.
Trump stood his ground very well,
and faced the entire onslaught down quite admirably.

The point is that Rubio and Cruz gave Trump a major test with the dual attack strategy,
live in prime time,
but there was nothing even close to a knockout punch.
Trump is a great counter puncher.

I don't see where Rubio won,
unless Rubio wins a state on Super Tuesday.
He might not even take Florida as he is currently 15 points behind Trump there.

Cruz will take Texas,
and that is more than Rubio will accomplish by maybe taking second,
in the most of the rest of the Super Tuesday states.

Rubio did finally give Trump a run for his money,
and he did score well in the debate preformance,
no question,
... I just don't see it making a major difference.

Trump did well too.
So did Cruz actually.

There was no knock out punch, 
and Trump handled two opponents with a steady composure.
He didn't roper dope the match,
Trump came back swinging with each attack.

Show me how that all translates to a Rubio state victory on Super Tuesday,
and I will share your enthusiasm.

Rubio did expose some Trump weaknesses.
It's not too hard to expose Rubio weaknesses however.
Trump did plenty of that as well.
Winning a debate takes a knock out punch,
like the one that Christie hammered Rubio with.

That did not happen to Trump tonight.
Neither Cruz or Rubio,
or Cruz and Rubio together accomplished that.

Trump hammered them both handily near the end of the debate,
"this one {Rubio} is a joke,
and this one {Cruz} is a liar,
I rest my case."

Now it may be true that Rubio will siphon off votes from Cruz.
Not in Texas.
But will he siphon off votes from Trump effectively enough to win a state?
Not as long as Carson and Kasich siphon off potential voters,
from both Rubio and Cruz. 

Super Tuesday, just around the corner.
It will be very very interesting.

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