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Next President of the United Fates of America
One problem with Rubio that me been a Cuban see from other POV.

When Obama addressed the issue about lifting the embargo Rubio jumped immediately in the band wagon of the old Cubans living in Miami, old people who had control in the past a lot of the votes but many of whom are too old or have died already, we are living in a new generation of Cubans in Miami and Central Florida who dont care about politics but about been able to return and visit their families in Cuba, Rubio alienated all of them by his position. The embargo has lasted 57 years and we are still in the same spot.

Do you want communism to be finished in the island? There is a simple solution drawn it with capitalism, invest, let people taste of the abundance of an open market and a flourishing economy and communism goes out of the window, Rubio cannot see that and my vote is going for Trump no for Rubio or Cruz. The twerp Rubio needs to learn a lot to be qualified for the Office of POTUS.
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