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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:Republicans Voting In RECORD NUMBERS, Democrats – Not So Much
By Robert Gehl

While Hillary supporters revel in her blowout of Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina Democratic primary, they face a much larger problem come November.

There’s a massive enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans playing out across the country and it may just propel any GOP nominee to victory.

Since 2008, Democrats have seen a 26 percent drop in turnout in the state primaries and caucuses. 

In South Carolina, for example, only 367,000 Democrats showed up to vote Saturday, while more than 532,000 turned out in 2008, The Daily Caller is reporting.

Last week in Nevada, the caucuses told the same story. In 2008, an estimated 120,000 Democrats turned out to have their voices heard. This year the number was 80,000.

The decrease in the Feb. 9 New Hampshire primaries saw turnout fall as well, though the least of the four Democratic contests so far. In 2008, 288,672 Democrats voted. In 2016, 250,983 did so. That marks a 13 percent decline. Sanders won handily, taking 60 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 38 percent.

Just over 171,000 Iowa Democrats took part in the Feb. 1 caucuses. That’s 29 percent fewer than the estimated 240,000 who showed up in 2008. That resulted in a tie, with Hillary declared victor by a half-dozen lucky coin tosses.
All told, about 1.18 million Democrats across those first four states went to the polls in 2008. Just under 870,000 showed up this go-round.

By contrast, on the Republican side, by this time in 2012, just over one million showed up to vote in the first four caucuses. This year, almost 1.27 million Republicans have cast a ballot.

 Hillary destroyed Sen. Bernie Sanders in South Carolina with a three-to-one victory of 74 percent to Bernie’s 26 percent.

Analysts say Hillary will be able to “run the table” in the South after successfully painting Bernie as unconcerned with the plight of African Americans, despite his long history of activism in the civil rights movement.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has won 31.8 percent of all votes cast. Second is Ted Cruz, with a slight advantage over Marco Rubio, at 20.6 percent to 19.7 percent. John Kasich has 8.6 percent of the vote and Dr. Ben Carson has 6.4 percent of the vote.
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