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Next President of the United Fates of America
Thanks for posting that article,
on the Clinton's role in censoring the ABC/Disney miniseries "the path to 911'

It emerged again in 2011

I think it is available here on 30 day free trial offer

Trump seems to have just slid by his mishandling of the KKK endorsement on CNN.
Trump is almost tied with Cruz in Texas in some polls,
but I think that Cruz will take Texas.

The earlier article on Mitt Romney possibly jumping into the race was intrigueing,
but I have my doubts on that.

We shall see. 
The article clearly pointed to Rubio having to win Florida in two weeks,
but Super Tuesday tomorrow is Rubio's big money movie payday or nayday, IMO.

It is wild to see the Republicans establisment core having a meltdown with Trump's popularity.
They are desperate and worried sick that he may win all, take all, tomorow.

Check out the NYT on an all out rescue Rubio news propaganda twist-n-squirm,
in a lengthy attempt to convince voters that Rubio might win a state or more.
Where Marco Rubio Has the Best Chance to Win

whole lotta words

NYT buttcake journalist says Rubio will take Virginia and Minnesota

No evidence of that in polls.


Quote:Cruz kept the heat on Rubio and Trump on Monday as the Texas senator stumped across his home state. 
Cruz was joined by Gov. Greg Abbott and former Gov. Rick Perry, 
who echoed Cruz's criticism of Trump on guns.

This guy writing for The Atlantic --- is a liberal --- and he is asking liberals <---
to vote for Rubio <--- Whip
check out his intro
Why Liberals Should Vote for Marco Rubio
Democrats must do everything they can to prevent Donald Trump’s nomination—
like supporting the one man with a chance to beat him.

Quote:Marco Rubio would be a terrible president. Hmm2
His tax proposals make George W. Bush look fiscally prudent. Lol
He acts as if America can use sanctions, war, 
or the threat of war to bludgeon its adversaries into submission 
despite the devastating failure of that approach since 9/11. 
He has been dishonest and gutless on immigration. 
He has flirted with climate-change denial even though his hometown now regularly floods.


if I lived in any of the nine Super Tuesday states 
that allow non-Republicans to vote in their GOP presidential primary, 
I would cross over—
forfeiting my chance to cast a ballot for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders—  Horsepoop
and vote for Rubio. Rofl

Other liberals should do the same. 
Those who can should write him checks. 
Whatever it takes to stop the nomination of Donald Trump.

you see ... not only is the Republi-con establishment scared to death of Trump,
so is the Democritter establishment ...

Super Tuesday

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