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Next President of the United Fates of America
Wook's recent post:

Quote:The Lion and the Sheep
Why they hate Trump
by Justin Raimondo, February 29, 2016

That is a superb commentary, 
I encourage all to go back and read it again.
Seldom do I get perked up by lengthy commentary to the point that it fully captures all my attention,
as I often read - scan ... or browse material,
but that was excellent.

Quote:Trump represents a deadly challenge to the high command of the War Party – 
the neoconservatives who lied us into war in Iraq – 
and were called out for it by him. 
These people are the main driving force that is ideologically committed 
to maintaining Washington’s imperial pretensions even as we plunge further into bankruptcy. 

They are  behind the vicious smear campaign that equates Trump with Mussolini, Hitler, David Duke, 
and the Devil himself. 
They see that they are losing control of the GOP – their pathway to power – 
and they are reacting like the cornered rats they are.

I hear Trump wears a bullet-proof vest, and has done so for years. 
If I were him I’d guard my head – and watch my back.

Don’t be fooled: 
GOP bigwigs aren’t afraid Trump will lose to Hillary. They’re afraid he’ll win.

Trump, for all his crudity and contradictions, 
represents a populist uprising against the Empire and those who profit from our imperialist foreign policy. 
That’s why the political class hates himand has vowed to destroy him.

I started out telling you the story of the lion and the sheep, 

and I end with the good news that the sheep – inspired by the lion  – 
are finally turning on the sheepherders.

And who won and who lost tonight?


Rubio won Minnesota  Lol

Cruz won Texas and Oklahoma,
and also took second in states that Rubio should have taken second.

Kasich also took second in states that Rubio should have taken second in,
if he were really that viable of a candidate.

Trump did very well.
6-7 states?

Rubio's response tonight was disengenuous and fraught with unconvincing rhetoric.

Cruz had legs to stand on in his commentary,
and as much as I distrust and don't like him,
after listening to Rubio tonight I think that Cruz is a better choice candidate than Rubio.

Trump however still remains a better choice than Cruz.
Trump remains the people's choice and you cannot ignore millions of voters.
I will say this,
Having Christie at his side tonight is political playhousing for a media event,
but Christie is quite distasteful to me as a VP choice.
Now this new super pac movement to stop Trump is desperate,
and it just isn't going anywhere with Rubio.
That leaves Cruz and Kasich of the candidates that have shown some form.
Then there is talk of Paul Ryan and talk of Mitt Romney ...

A Cruz - Rubio alliance is nonsense.
If this whole anti-Trump movement suddenly all went to Cruz ... well, he has won 3 states.
His second place showings over Rubio were very interesting.
But he is weak in the northern states.
Cruz-Kasich ... ?
I just think that the money is on the Donald.
You cannot ignore millions of voters,
and his appeal is across the board from a wide spectrum of states counties and demographics.

Trump can defeat Hillary with a solid campaign and full backing of the Republican constituency.

The big surprise as well, is how well Bernie Sanders did.
Though Clinton did pretty much clean up,
Sanders victories were surprisingly noticeable to point to Clinton weaknesses,
especially in the final presidential race.

Trump was the biggest winner tonight.
Cruz was also a big enough winner.
Rubio was the loser tonight with the expectations that were upon him.
Kasich showed northern strength.
Carson still has the Cream of Wheat vote that won't go away.
The last four mentioned ... 
all add up to Trump victories, because they are cannablizing each other.

Melania Trump is looking for a presidential gown selection to try on right now.

Hillary Clinton keeps repeating the name Obama in her speeches ... 
Man, she was so repetitive in her victory speech mantras tonight.
It was somewhat ... well ... almost disturbing.

They all disturb me, I am not comfortable with any of them.
It is a bad mess.
I think that no matter who wins, 
they cannot succeed in the promises that they make, 
with the coming global meltdown to have to encumber as president.

So who bothers me or troubles me the least,
to the point that they may be the best of the list of bad or concerning choices?
Right now, Trump takes that vote.

So we go back to Wooks post with:
The Lion and the Sheep
Why they hate Trump

Quote:In short, 
The Donald is tapping a nationalist/isolationist impulse 
that runs deep among a weary and economically precarious main street public. 

He is clever enough to articulate it in the bombast of what sounds like a crude trade protectionism. 

Yet if Pat Buchanan were to re-write his speech, 
it would be more erudite and explicit about the folly of the American Imperium, 
but the message would be the same.”


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