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Next President of the United Fates of America
On Rubio:

Quote:I dunno who talked him into dropping down to take the LOW ROAD, 
but I think it hurt him now, 
and could come back to haunt in years to come! 
He does not come off well as a comedian.

Yes, I mentioned this earlier.
Rubio is trying to out Trump, Trump.
Some of it is actually funny if you have watched Rubio,
but you hit the nail on the head.

Quote:He had been the most Presidential appearing of the whole group

But now he is a comedian, and everybody that liked him,
liked him more for the presidential appearances you mentioned.
I think it turned off a lot of his support.
Rubio was supposed to be "above Trump".

I think that Rubio realized that his game is basically lost,
especially with the Florida polls,
so he has played into the Mitt Rotney push,
and he is spending the rest of his finances just to trash Trump.

I see military top hats coming out against Trump,
one even saying they would disobey Trump on the water boarding issue.

Well, both Cruz and Rubio support that.

So this is a grand hypocrisy of desperation by the Republican establishment.
If Trump were to lose the delegate counts fair and square,
then that is democracy.
What the Establishment is doing, borders on something that Chavez in Venezuala would have done.
Rotney reminds me of the little pimp in North Korea.
The entire attack infrastructure by the Establishment is a fascist attack,
and to them, it is the hell with voter democracy.

They consider the millions of people that voted for Trump,
to be ill informed dummies that were conned.
That will not sit well with those voters. 

Good comment FSB.



Counters Rubio' jabs,

"see the big hands ... they match the big dick!"

Rubio is a dick,
he is failing thus far.

Kasich ... disavows ... Rotney.
He is far outshining Rubio.

Man the moderator embarrrassed Rubio,
how many jobs did you create?

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