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Next President of the United Fates of America
Cruz had his good moment with the Detroit manufacturing response.
They sure let him go on for a long time on that one.

"gotta love one another"  ... 
{you could hear late 60's love songs in the background for about 3 seconds}

Cruz pontificating endlessly.

Rubio and guns ... the FOX moderators are feeding him a bone of survival with that question.
Too easy to make money on that one.

Cruz's repeated references to Trump supporting Carter or Kerry or whatever Demo,
became over glaringly repetitive and he began to look like he was leaning on that issue 
because he didn't have much else to offer.

Rubio clowning with the "He's very flexible" jab {at Trump}
was humorous but he looks like Mr. Snoid doing it.

Rubio is Mr. Snoid:
[Image: Creme-de-crumb.jpg]


"arm Ukraine with tactical defensive weapons"


Trump kicked ass Whip
in his answer to supporting whoever became the Republican candidate.

Rubio campaign is under water and sinking to the bottom.
Cruz did well,
Trump did well, especially at the end, he was excellent.

Kasich had a good night.
He came out of his Mr. Rogers crap well enough, and had good answers.

Mitt Rotney failed in trying to bait the debate into a bad outcome for Trump.

Gotta run for beer.
No toddies.

Trump won the debate by sheer tenacity and counter punching from every angle.
If you have to name a winner.
That is how I see it.
aka Mr. Snoid, buried himself.

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