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Next President of the United Fates of America
Cruz took a couple more states,
Rubio is the fading comedian,
and Trump took two states as well on Saturday,
and he got a lot mroe delegates in the count than Cruz on Sat. 

Time for Rubio to drop out.
the question then is:
if Rubio drops,
where do his votes go?
Unlikely that they would go to Trump in any quantities.

Cruz and especially Kasich will get to feed on that contingent more so IMO.

Bye bye Little Marco.
You will mnot win Florida, and you are funny on stage,
but it isn't preceived as a comedian,
it is viewed as a Mr. Snoid on stage.

Only Trump can do what Trump does.
Cruz however is smart enough to let Rubio slop his campaign into a comic side show,
while Cruz maintains a steady composure without the comedy act Rubio thought he needed.

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