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Next President of the United Fates of America
I always thought that Bush would be assassinated as well.
It didn't happen.
shang dang a lang 

Trump ... his jet will go down ... 

His hair dresser on the jet is a CIA mind controlled psycho and slices Trump's neck ...

He has a mysterious heart attack after a sudden illness.

He will look like Litvinenko in a hospital bed before he withers away.

Suicide bomber takes out Trump and 119 supporters at a rally.

No matter what happens, 
if it happens,
it would be the grandest internet melee of conspiracy theory epics ever.

I don't care if Trump were to fail as president .
All the other pimps and whores are going to fail worse.

Nonono Marco Rubio...  fuck him for telling his supporters... "vote for Kasich in Ohio".

Nonono  Hillary heebie jeebie Clinton Whip

Nonono  Ted "Harvard 666" Cruz Whip

Lol Bernie Sanders Lol is a joke that Hillary Clintion will tell to Chelsea's children.

Kasich Dunno ... maybe he should wise up and team up with Trump. 

How about Carson?
endorsing Trump, that took guts.

Oh yes,
and fuck Jeb Bush, mama and papa Bush, and especially GW and the Bush twins. 
super Tuesday ... just a few days away

I really hope that Trump squashes Rubio in Florida, and hopefully takes Ohio.
That I would like to see.
Just to stick it to the Mitt Rotney Establishment. 

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