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Next President of the United Fates of America
If Trump wins Missouri over Cruz,
and he is a half percentage point ahead now,
then one could easily point to Rubio as the reason Cruz didn;t get that state.
In that regard, the Establishment shot themselves in the foot.

I see a rumor that Little Marco dropped out of the race tonight?
Well Mayito, it looks like your fellow Floridians threw Rubio out on his ass.
He was soundly beaten and must be totally embarrassed.
From presidential material to limping piss ant.

The Kasich win is now the kink in the Trump armor.
It may or may not make a major difference,
but Kasich won without any Rubio votes making the difference.

If Cruz does not take Missouri, he wins nothing tonite.
He sure came in with a lot of close second place finishes.

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