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Next President of the United Fates of America
check the out political maneuvering by Cruz

Quote:Ted Cruz Gains in Louisiana After Loss There to Donald Trump
Donald Trump beat Sen. Ted Cruz earlier this month
in Louisiana’s Republican presidential primary, 

by 3.6 percentage points, 
but the Texan may wind up with as many as 10 more delegates from the state than the businessman.

Mr. Cruz’s supporters also seized five of Louisiana’s six slots 
on the three powerful committees 
that will write the rules and platform at the Republican National Convention 
and mediate disputes over delegates’ eligibility this summer in Cleveland.

The little-noticed inside maneuvering that led to this outcome in Louisiana 
is another dramatic illustration of the inside game 
that could have an outsize influence on the bitter race for the GOP nomination. 

A similar process played out three weeks ago in Coweta county, Georgia.
While Mr. Trump leads in winning primary and caucus elections, 
and has won more delegates, 
the Cruz campaign is proving superior at the arcane game 
of picking the people who will be the actual delegates to the convention, 
where they will help write the rules and ultimately choose the nominee.

That means that if Mr. Trump fails to reach the delegate threshold 

to claim the GOP nomination on the convention’s first ballot, 
committees dominated by Cruz supporters 
could work to block him from winning enough delegates 
to claim the nomination on any subsequent ballots.

Kay Kellogg Katz, 
a Trump supporter who sought unsuccessfully to win a position on a key panel at the convention, 
summarized the Trump campaign’s predicament this way: 
“I do not know Mr. Trump, 
I do not know his staff people. 
Quite frankly, we don’t have much of a campaign in Louisiana. 
All we have is voters.”


In other states, Trump supporters have missed out on the early process 
of becoming convention delegates because they are relatively inexperienced in the party processes. 
But in Louisiana, Mr. Trump won broad support among elected officials 
despite a bare-bones campaign infrastructure. 
Still, he has lagged behind on delegate selection.

With 20 states left to vote, Mr. Trump has won 739 delegates out of 1,237 
required to clinch the GOP nomination. 
He has to win about 55% of the remaining delegates to avoid a contested convention.

Stacking the convention and its committees with supporters is critical for Mr. Cruz, 

because a contested convention is his only viable path to the nomination. 
The Texan must win 85% of the remaining delegates to win outright,
 a highly unlikely scenario with many states awarding delegates proportionally.
Ms. Katz, who said she has attended every GOP convention since 1984, 
said the Cruz forces out-organized Mr. Trump’s campaign, 
whom she said showed no concern about helping their supporters win the committee slots.

Ed Brookover, the Trump official leading the campaign’s delegate team, 
said Thursday that he wasn’t aware that the Trump campaign
had been shut out of Louisiana’s committee slots.
He expressed optimism that “other spots where this is taking place,
we now have programs and plans in place 
to make sure that Mr. Trump’s supporters are getting to county, district and state conventions.”

Mr. Brookover added that
“the good news is that when we let Mr. Trump’s supporters know about these things, 
they are enthusiastic and go running to them.”

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