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Next President of the United Fates of America
Kasich was on TV news posts this morning outlining why Trump voters,
should banadon Trump at the "brokered convention",
since he believes that Trump will not get enough delegates.

Kasich listed 5 reasons why Trump is not fit to be president,
including the most latest clown fall by Trump,
"mis-speaking" about punishing women for having an abortion.
Which Trump changed to punishing the doctors.

If it came down to having to choose between Kasich and Cruz,
I would choose Kasich.

Trump fucked up badly,
put his foot in his mouth and swallowed his foot all the way down into his asshole.
He would have been far better off, just shutting the fuck up, 
and keeping excessive rhetoric at a minimum, while letting momentum alone carry him to the delegate count.

He might teflon his ass out of this fiasco as well,
with the Republican support he has now,
but he lost a large bulk of the female vote nationally right there.
He made himself far more vulnerable to Clinton.
Very unwise and very unfortunate.'

Trump is trying to throw too many curve balls, 
and he just needs to send it right down the middle of the plate at this point.
Trump may be pitching himself out of the game by sheer cockyness.

In any case the CNN clown infestation lead by Dana Bash this morning,
kept repeatedly tossing the word ... rape ... into the discussion on the abortion issue,
and linking the two together in the war on women ... ala Trump style.
This is scandalous suggestivity in journalism aimed at women viewers.
It is no wonder that Trump hates the media.
CNN is good to keep an eye on, for shit like this.
They play political journalism to their auience obviously, 
but watching the process unveil itself daily from various news sources,
is quality entertainment while keeping an eye on overall propaganda schemes via the media.

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