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Next President of the United Fates of America
Boston Globe’s Anti-Trump Front Page DESTROYED By This Awesome Response

By Robert Gehl 69 Comments
[Image: peoplescube-front-page.jpg]
Quote:Laura Bush is supporting Hillary Clinton for President. On a brighter note, Benghazi heroes support Trump!
Submitted by IWB, on April 11th, 2016

The Republican Party is all to pieces. I have always respected Former First Lady Laura Bush, but I cannot say that anymore. She has indicated she actually wants to see Hillary Clinton as our next President. How could she go outside of the Republican Party at such a critical time?
In Laura’s new book on the women of Afghanistan, Hillary gives the forward by praising Laura’s work on behalf of these women. Laura says she wants someone in the White House who will continue to support these women, and I guess that must be Hillary Clinton.
Quote:Hillary Clinton’s Backers Want Obama to Grant a Preemptive Pardon—To Prevent Her From Facing “A Martha Stewart Problem”
By Editor on April 11, 2016
[Image: O-and-C-cc-565x377.jpg]“See this is how we do this…”
Quote:(From Orb Magazine)

With FBI Director James Comey’s statement this week that the massive investigation of possible criminality by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could linger into the fall, some of her political advisers have become convinced that the best option for her would be to shut it down now, which could be accomplished ifPresident Obama would grant a preemptive pardon for any crimes she may have committed.

“It would be a humbling experience for Mrs. Clinton to accept a pardon, but she and husband Bill have ridden out terrible scandals in the past without losing their bedrock constituencies,” an official close to the campaign told Orbmagazine. “And without a pardon, the possible scenarios she is facing are fraught with danger.”
Click here for the article.
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