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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Was the First Obama Election Fixed? New Book Raises Suspicions
By Pam Martens
At Wall Street On Parade we call it continuity government. Michael M. Thomas, in a new book of quasi-fiction, calls it Fixers, the idea that no matter who comes and goes in the Oval Office, Wall Street has a fix in to make sure it is protected. The Thomas book could not come at a more inconvenient time for outgoing President Obama and the next leg of the continuity government that Wall Street hopes to install in the White House – otherwise known as Hillary Clinton.
What you’re getting in Fixers is a spellbinding analysis of the actual dirty deals that toppled Wall Street in 2008 with a new twist – a fictitious character who says he laundered $75 million into the Democratic presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton’s primary challenger in 2007 in exchange for three names on an index card.
Those three names had to become the “hope and change” President’s chief economic advisor, Treasury Secretary, and head of the criminal division of the Justice Department. These three key posts were to keep piles of bailout money flowing to Wall Street while simultaneously making sure no Wall Street executives were prosecuted for the crimes that brought on the crash.
The details in the book surrounding the three names on the index card seem to be channeling Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, and Lanny Breuer, who took the respective posts of chief economic advisor, Treasury Secretary and head of the Justice Department’s criminal division in the first Obama administration and, indeed, sluiced trillions to Wall Street while the Justice Department failed to prosecute, saying it was worried about collateral damage, such as triggering bank layoffs. Like the collapse of the U.S. economy from untamed financial corruption is not collateral damage.
Fixers takes us back to the earliest days in 2007 when the rumbles of what would become the greatest Wall Street crash since the Great Depression were first being recognized by the smart money crowd on Wall Street. Chauncey Suydam, a one time CIA agent has breakfast with his former boss at the CIA, who now heads a Wall Street investment bank called Struthers Strauss. The Struthers Strauss chief wants Chauncey to fix the election with the $75 million and put the three selected people in those key posts.
Anyone who witnessed Obama’s first press conference as President-Elect knew the fix was in. To his right stood Larry Summers and to his left stood Robert Rubin. The date was November 7, 2008. The public was repulsed by Obama having the gall to put these two on his economic transition team.

(DETROIT)  Ford Motor Co will invest $1.6 billion in two U.S. factories to start making a new automatic transmission and expand output of certain commercial trucks, the company said on Tuesday.
Ford said the moves would support a total of 650 jobs but would not say how many new ones would be created.
The announcement comes three weeks after Ford said it would spend $1.6 billion to build a new vehicle assembly plant in Mexico, drawing fire from Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Ford has countered that it intends to invest $9 billion in U.S. factories, as outlined in the company’s 2015 contract with the United Auto Workers union.
The larger of Ford’s latest U.S. investments will be $1.4 billion for a production line at a Livonia, Michigan, factory to produce a new 10-speed automatic transmission for the company’s rear-wheel-drive vehicles.
The Livonia plant currently employs about 1,550 hourly and salaried workers in total. The new 10-speed transmission line will employ about 500 union workers, Ford said.
“Most of the people will move from building one transmission to another,” Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford’s Americas operations, said in an interview.

The United Auto Workers said last fall that Ford planned to spend as much as $1.8 billion overhauling that factory to produce three new transmissions.
Separately, Ford said it would spend $200 million at an assembly plant in Avon Lake, Ohio, near Cleveland to add production of Super Duty chassis cab trucks, which typically are commercial vehicles such as ambulances or tow trucks.
Ford has outlined just $1.7 billion of the $9 billion in manufacturing investments promised to the UAW last year. The Dearborn, Michigan, company has 55,300 hourly workers at its U.S. factories, more than any other automaker in the United States, including larger Detroit rival General Motors Co.
The future of auto manufacturing jobs has become a politically charged issue because of the federal bailouts of GM and the former Chrysler Group, and because UAW positions are under pressure from the growing number of car plants in Mexico.
The Mexican factories pay workers hourly wages of roughly $8.25, compared with about $60, including benefits, for Ford UAW members, according to the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Hinrichs said Ford has worked hard to make its U.S. manufacturing operations more efficient.
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