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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Trump In His Own Words
Some of the following statements, uttered by Donald Trump, I have not heard, verbatim, until I went looking. The content and meaning of these words have obfuscated or twisted all together by the media. If anyone needed proof that Americans are lied to every single day, on every single issue, this is your moment of awakening.
  1. Politicians are bought and paid for by the special interests. The politicians need the money to get re-elected, they are not going to do what’s right for you. Trump should be careful, it was this kind of honesty that got JFK killed.
  2. The Wall is going to be so big and effective that when I am gone, they will name it after me. Trump is correct in that when you let off-the-books workers into the country, they lower the wage structure for millions of American citizens. Document, document, document!
  3. People are concerned about taking in Syrian refugees. However, we do not know where they come from and what their intentions are and they are completely undocumented.While Obama and his crew are obsessed with American gun owners, this is the number one security threat to America. According to the FBI 10% are likely radicalized. Is that enough of a warning?
  4. Obama has brought so much disrespect to the office of the President, that when he lands on Air Force One, there is nobody of note to greet him. This is what we recently happened in Saudi Arabia and Cuba. I will force foreign leaders to respect me and if they don’t respect me, they will fear me. Obama and his special interest friends are the reason why the world walks all over us.
  5. The new Omnibus Bill, passed by Congress and supported by Obama, funds Syrian refugees and undocumented immigrants through our Southern border. No money for Americans, only for foreign nationals illegally coming into our country. Why should any of us pay any tax to a government that holds all of us in such contempt.
  6. Americans are not angry people, but we are angry at a system that does not allow us to achieve anything. Since 1980, in real dollars, Americans are working 20% longer for 20% less. And where is that money going? It is going to the special interests who have never made more money, at our expense. Since the advent of NAFTA, we have witnessed the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world.
  7. Hillary wanted to go into Libya. Ask yourself, who has the oil? It is ISIS. We do not hit ISIS and our government is allowing them to take what they want. Dark, shadowy banking forces are supporting ISIS We don’t hit the refineries because we don’t want to cause environmental damage, so we let ISIS continue doing what they do. This is exactly what former advisor to George W. Bush, ARSOF’s Scott Bennett has been saying and said so on my show, on several occasions. In other words, Hillary and Obama have been committing treason against the American people for a long time.
  8. Obama will fly a 747 to Hawaii to play golf and then talk to us about global warming. 
  9. I campaign for votes and win millions and crush my opponents in the process. Meanwhile, the establishment buys delegates in both parties. The political system in this country is corrupt. The elections are corrupt….  Donald Trump must be very familiar with the electronic voting machines.
  10. Free trade agreements are killing the American people. They have cost us tens of millions of American jobs. When I am President, I will see that ever American corporation that relocates oversees for cheap labor, will pay a 35% tax to bring that product back into our country. Manufacturing will return, jobs will return and prosperity will return. Criminal Hillary will continue this practice. Criminal Hillary does not care about you and if she is elected, things will only get worse. I love this statement because we get a “two for one” comment. I have been screaming about the devastation of free trade agreements for over two decades.
A Perception Experiment
Please take a moment to read the Trump statements and sentiments listed in bold print. Ask yourself, where have you heard these beliefs and facts expressed before?For over that past two decades this is what you have been hearing from the Independent Media, on a daily basis. These observations and ideas are not new, this just marks the first time in 53 years that we have had a candidate for the highest office in the land have the courage to tell the American people what is truly wrong and what we need to do about it.  I just reread the bold print, and my gosh, I thought I was listening to Steve Quayle, or Doug Hagmann or reading one of my own articles. Hundreds of us have been screaming these messages for a long time, and some people did listen, but not enough. Trump has given the people enough social capital from which to mount a defense against what is happening to our country.

I would strongly suggest that each and every one of you roll up their sleeves and get to work. It has been 53 years since we have heard this kind of honesty. If the Trump movement is allowed to die, you will not see this kind of opportunity, again, in your lifetime.
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