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Next President of the United Fates of America
well there it is,
Trump took 5 states with amazing numbers.
Kasich out did Cruz, 
and Cruz was embarrassed badly.
Cruz and Kasich’s Sorry Plan to Stop Trump
more at link
Quote:But the key word in the statement, 
which Trump repeated on Twitter and elsewhere, 
was “collusion”: 
it was his way of saying that Cruz and Kasich were not only pathetic but cheaters.

What may be even more important to Trump than winning Indiana 
is getting across his message that he is the anti-rigging candidate. 

And telling voters that politicians and political parties are corrupt 
is not what anyone would call a hard sell. 
There is now a pretty decent chance that Trump 
will get the magic number of delegates before the Convention. 
If so, barring serious changes to the rules, 
or what Trump might call yet more rigging, 
all of Cruz’s efforts to line up stealth delegates—
pledged to Trump on the first ballot, 
but ready to switch to Cruz on the second or third—will be for naught. 

If so, it could make for an odd mood on the Convention floor, 
with delegates technically on the winning side feeling like losers. 
When the traditional drop of balloons takes place, 
will they just begin popping them?
Ted Cruz can save the GOP by losing to Hillary Clinton  Rofl
more at link
Quote:If Trump is the nominee and gets trounced in November  
(which all the polling has clearly indicated he would), 
then Cruz and other Republicans who ascribe to his rigid mindset 
will simply dismiss Trump's rise and fall as an aberration 
that only reinforces the need for the next nominee to represent "true" conservative principles. 

And as modern history has shown, 
the runner-up for the GOP nomination in one election cycle often has a good chance of becoming the nominee 
in the next one in which there is not an incumbent GOP presidential candidate, 
as was the case with Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

But if Cruz is the nominee and loses decisively to Clinton, 

who many people on both sides of the aisle 
view as an otherwise highly vulnerable general election candidate in her own right, 
then it would significantly undermine the "my way or the highway" approach 
that currently appeals to a growing swath of Republicans, 
both among those who hold office and the party's base.


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