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Next President of the United Fates of America
George Will: GOP Must Stop Trump Even if He Wins Nomination–The Hill

Quote:Xavier Keough

Meet, Karma: The GOP's Forsaken Son!

While the Republican establishment and numerous right-leaning publications have shamelessly joined forces with anti-American liberals in a desperate attempt to derail the Trump campaign, let us embark on a brief history lesson. Lest "We the People" forget, the GOP are the same charlatans who wasted two historic victories in 2010 and 2014, due to a conservative platform, only to break nearly every campaign promise and capitulate to the most radical and rogue President time and again. So much for the moral high ground.

How many times did the sworn enemies of Donald Trump vote to raise the debt ceiling; despite knowing Barack Obama has increased the national debt almost more than all other presidents combined, even resulting in not one but two historic credit downgrades? Did the once proud party of Ronald Reagan actually vote to approve Loretta Lynch's nomination - a serial racist who ignores black hate crimes, attacks the religious liberty of Christians and refuses to prosecute criminals within the IRS and DHS - or am I just a confused and unreasonable "Tea Party" radical? Did Republicans, the elected majority in Congress and not just a "dangerous, singular blowhard" like Mr. Trump, agree to an international trade agreement that will undermine American commerce and allow corrupt foreign regimes who utilize slave labor and deplorable conditions to dictate future trade stipulations; i.e., unequal tariffs and market access, environmental regulations and back compensation?

And if I may, how many of these same "principled" Republican stalwarts ever tried to prosecute Barack Obama, his contemptible administration, for a single one of a litany of provable crimes: continual abuse of Executive power, ordering states and border officers not to enforce existing immigration laws, transporting and resettling medically and criminally unvetted illegal aliens across America, instructing the DHS to secretly print work visas in violation of a Federal court order, using the IRS to wrongfully target conservatives, abandoning four Americans to their deaths in Benghazi, wiretapping the press and Congress, selling arms to Mexican drug cartels, failing to indict Planned Parenthood for selling human remains on the black market, releasing known criminals and terrorists from imprisonment, granting failed "green" loans to political allies (Solyndra), ignoring Black Panther voter intimidation, and repeatedly exceeding the Constitutional authority of the name but a few? Not once? How ironic. Maybe I'm not dreaming.

The same "progressive" GOP that created Donald Trump's historic popularity with their endless lies and failures, even begging him not to seek an independent bid, are now disowning him by instigating an avalanche of negative attacks? Now who's the petulant child of spite? Yes, I truly respect and admire Ted Cruz, but I fully support Mr. Trump because he says what most of us are thinking but the establishment refuses to say. The man is fearless, bold, and he simply gets things done; which is much more than I can say about the pawn brokers at the GOP. I'm tired of playing games with the liberal media and the anti-American socialists known as the Democratic Party because soon there will be nothing left to save. Illegal immigration must be stopped, radical Islam must be defeated, our private sector must flourish, the Constitution must once again become the supreme law of the land, and the victimization politics of race and class warfare must be unconditionally condemned as destructive and ignorant movements. It's time for common sense to once again take center stage and I couldn't care less if it was politically correct or limited to the cardboard cutout of my "ideal" candidate. Mitt Romney proved political "moderation" is vastly overrated by losing to the most ideologically extreme, inexperienced and divisive President in our nation's history. And he did it with a smile and a concession speech.

For the Congressional record, I'm not concerned about whether a candidate is skilled at making well rehearsed speeches on the campaign trail or dishing out prime time soundbites on national TV for the sake of scoring debate points to ensure the survival of a failed party that routinely betrayed its voters. I want a proven leader whose actions will inevitably match the rhetoric. More importantly, I want to win in November, PERIOD, and I believe Trump has far more electoral appeal and coattails than Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. The fact the Stony Brook Method calculated Trump has a 97% chance of securing the presidency, only further validates that assertion. Just remember, the real enemies of American exceptionalism are still on the other side of the aisle. Or so I thought. It's about damn time someone reminded the GOP of that simple fact.
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