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Next President of the United Fates of America
The Vietnam war is long over.
Obama actually put some good deals together in Vietnam for American companies and business.
Regardless of the image of Ho Chi Minh there,
making friends and doing extended business with Vietnam is a very good idea.
Well for one thing, 
Vietnam is one of many countries in SE Asia fed up with Chinese expansionism.
This trade deal with Vietnam provides counter balance to the Chinese juggernaut of economic expansion,
that threatens all those countries sea lanes, 
and in general their own economic competition with Chinese multinational companies.

Trump would be right there in Vietnam making business happen as well.
The old issues with Vietnam are buried.
My dad fought in Vietnam and Korea.
His daughter {my sister} is now married with a Vietnamese man,
after her first marriage to a Korean family son.
My dad put all those wars behind him,
and so have the greater part of all the soldiers that fought in those wars.


Trump was in a CNN poll in Florida with Clinton
Clinton 43 Trump 42 percent.
Exactly what we predicted, that early polling showing these massive leads for Clinton,
were more or less bloated news organization polling,
that reflected way too early voter opinion.

The VP choices will key in the later polling.

Much American resistance to US forces fighting in Syria,
but you have two candidates {in particular Trump}
that promise to wipe out ISIS.
Obama will most likely have that wrapped up 75% by the time the election takes place.
Trump says:
"I would leave Assad in power"
and that won't last a month into his administration if he wins.
Iran and Israel will force a situation in which Trump has to respond to overall Iranian power
in the Mid East, to include Syria and Assad,
and allies such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait etc,
will compel Trump to alter his current rhetoric.

I seriously doubt that when Raqqa falls and ISIS is on the run,
that the Kurdish fighters will just walk away,
and let Assad forces waltz into the city.
Trump will have to condemn the Kurds in order to pacify Assad as he tries to regain northern Syria.
I don't think so.

Big decisions have to be made in what happens with the Kurds,
once ISIS is dismantled in  northen Syria, and in particular in Raqqa.
It is the Kurds working the bulk of the ground war agaianst ISIS there.
The Kurds are not going to give up territory they fought for.

Obama admin. has already primed the war game by peppering news talk with softening positions
on Assad's govt. and not supporting the Kurds claims to the land they took.

It will be interesting to see what Trump has to say about the Kurds future.

Trump is winging it, and he is very good at that,
while Putin is the master of day to day "winging it" on the internattional political stage. 
The difference being that Putin is solely a one and only power Czar.
Trump wants to be Czar as well,
but he is smart enough to know that he will have to have experienced political advisors,
for handling the international war games.
Putin on the other hand pretty much acts unilaterally in Kremlin power futures.

Putin realizes that Clinton will be a much harder obstacle to deal with than Trump,
and does not want to Poo-tin around with a female power broker.
Putin sees Trump as more negotiable, 
and with a sense of being familiar in personality,
but Putin's ego considers Trump to be more manipulatable.
Putin will also make big challenging moves on Trump's political character and stamina,
if the two of them find themselves in a crossfire in big time international events.
It will be Czar ego vs. Czar ego.
Clinton on the other hand will not play the ego game with Putin.
She will just bitch slap back at the Russian bitch,
as the Cold war witch that everybody expects to see her as, 
whereas Trump has far more to prove immediately to the international stage than Clinton has to,
and have to prove why he is a bigger, badder and more improtant Czar than Putin.

The debates will be VERY interesting when the subject of Putin and Iran are discussed.

Iranian nuclear plants will be bombed out during the next administration.
Israel will initiate the process via an Iranian action or via a manipulated event,
so when you vote,
pick the candidate that you would like to see sending US air power into Iran.

The only good AyaGhoulah is a dead AyaGhoulah.


The next and even bigger issue is China.
Trump leads the way with tough economic talk on China trade and jobs leaving the country.
It is Chinese militarism and expansionism with military power,
that will have to be addressed.

Also, that little puke in North Korea is going to push the button some day.

Check out our political / military treaty commitments to South Korea.


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