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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:The doctor who shook the hand of GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump on stage as he rallied supporters in Anaheim, California, is part of a 2,000-strong “Chinese-Americans for Trump” organization with 15 chapters across the country.
“I was standing in the front, close to the stage wearing the ‘Chinese-Americans Love Trump’ tee-shirt,” Dr. Ling Zeng told Breitbart News. A member of Trump’s event staff approached her and asked her to come onto the stage at the May 25 event. 

The short encounter with Trump made a deep impression, she said. “He has a warm and strong energy. I was excited to see him.”
“When he shook my hand he looked into my eyes and made real contact,” she said. “Then he stopped to read my shirt and went back to the microphone and yelled out to the crowd: ‘Chinese-Americans!’”
Zeng, who is a doctor of Chinese medicine and the owner of a San Diego clinic, said she is counting on Trump to end President Barack Obama’s Obamacare infrastructure. She said she’s seen the quality of medical care decline in the last five years. One of her friends, another doctor, stopped practicing medicine rather than deal with the hassles of Obamacare. “Obama is ruining our medical system,” she said. 
Zeng was at the rally with 10 other members of the group, led by Tian “Tian-Tian” Wang, a Los Angeles-based real estate investor. “I used to be a Jeb Bush fan — for like three days — then, when I saw Trump on YouTube — there were a lot of parodies and people making fun of him — but, I kept watching,” Wang said. “I kept watching for five hours and I thought: ‘This guy is for real. He speaks for me.’”

Here's The Full List Of Organizations That Paid Hillary Clinton From 2013-2015

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