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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:after WACO and other events of the Last Clinton Admin, 
the World Doesn't need Hillary any where near a button, 
and the events of Benghazi
prove she may just be napping most of the time Lol

So like I said ... 
it is about who you would rather have in power ... to push the button.
That essentially is the biggest war decision a commander in chief could make.
Either candidate has to be qualified for the task.
I see them both as capable.
I will bet that Trump fingers the button on Iran faster than Hillary will.
He gets my vote  Lol

Meanwhile Trump continues to bury himself in the Trump University case,
with the "Mexican" Judge tirade.
In this case he plays right into Clinton's game and feeds the anti Trump press,
all the anti-Trump gravy they could ask for.

This is where I start to lose faith in Trump.
The Mexican Judge gamble is excessive on Trump's part in this Trump University case.
It just isn't smart politics.
He creates newsprint nausea that splashes back in his face.
And this time it is sticking.

One too many bullets in the foot at some point causes you to stumble.
Stubborn resolve can be an attribute for a global power figure,
but you gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.
Trump thinks he has an endless supply of aces in the hole,
but if he keeps it up,
he might end up being the one eyed jack in the discard pile.

The political button Whip that Trump is pushing now,
is a lose-lose gamble.
He cannnot just back pedal his way out of so many repeated political blunders.

Trump can't make America great again bitching about a Mexican American judge,
and dragging America into the Trump University soap opera lawsuit,
when he could be ...
telling us why,
we can't have,
Hillary's finger Naughty  on the button Whip

Trump obviously worries that he may indeed lose the lawsuit,
and is contingency planning a staged response in advance ...


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