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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:I wouldn't be surprised that Trump is right about 
this judge's role in the La Raza outfit.

I agree, 
but he poorly mishandled the entire episode with an unbalanced tirade essentially.
This Trump tantrum did not play well on the CNN interview,
as he looked flatter than shredded tire while repeating himself excessively:
"I'm going to build a wall ... the judge is a Mexican"
over and over

Trump is almost certainly being abused by the judge,
but Trump needs to present himself better than that.

Quote:More likely it's for Hillary bait or media fodder.

Epic fail, as Hillary took the bait and hit a home run with it {aided and abetted by the news channels},
while at the same time scorching Sanders in the recent primary states to include California,
where pre election polls had Sanders ahead there.
That media fodder that Trump so effectively casts about, failed as well this time.

Trump is on rapid road repair right now,
and I liked his:
"Get over it!" response ...
and today he was the new all warm-n-fuzzy Trump for the news channels.

You are going to see a different Trump strategy have to unfold now. 
He is going to have make it happen,
without the Trump-o-tainment comedy news hour and talk show being the prime time exposure.

Trump Hmm2 ... we can call these Trumpto-Dumpto episodes Doh   ... growing pains ... Lol


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