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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:and 2>tell him to stay away from Christie.

If he chooses Christie as VP, he is a lost cause.

Quote:well I haven't gone onto the mass media yet,
so I don't know how hard line/biased the moderation is

The mass media is in general a cesspool of nausea, 
but it helps to watch the biased bullshit to get a sense of where the big money in media
is pushing this election against Trump.
It also allows one to watch Trump fire back effectively and repeatedly win over them,
until this Mexican judge issue has finally hit Trump full in the face.
They use a soft tissue kleenex to gently wipe Hillary's nose drip snot from the email scandal,
while they use as coarse of toilet sand paper to wipe up on Trump's ass, 
and broacast any shit stains they can find. 

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