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Next President of the United Fates of America
If the FBI plays out the Orlando attack as an ISIS inspired "lone wolf ",
then the Trump-o-tainment show will play this one out with new momentum and meaning.

This one falls right into Trump's hands when he needs it the most,
if it an ISIS inspired psychopath. 
It will be interesting to see how Obama plays this as well,
as he responds on TV in a few minutes ...
if Barack and Hillary still try to push their ideas for draconian gun restriction laws.

I am ready for a concealed weapons permit.
It's not just crazed Muslims and ISIS, 
there are too many nut cases out their that secretly hate almost everybody and themselves,
or people that are salivating for a victim to rob or rape or retaliate against for any reason,
like a traffic altercation.

Break-ins and robberies are at an epidemic level here in Bellingham.
They broke into my house next door a few weeks ago,
which means they were watching this neigborhood. 

The police are to busy on motorcycles giving out traffic tickets to scam up city revenues.

The thieves are armed with weapons from knives to guns.
Time for the rats to die.
Can't feed them poison, 
better feed them bullets.

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