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Next President of the United Fates of America
Brexit: why Britain left the EU, explained with a simple cartoon
[Image: 6.png]
Brexit: David Cameron Resigns and Donald Trump Celebrates After U.K. Votes to Leave EU
Quote:In the wake of the Brexit vote, the British pound dropped in value, 
stars have spoken out about and British Prime Minister David Cameron 
gave an emotional speech announcing his resignation. 

The actual exit from the European Union could take two years or longer, experts say, 
but the decision has already changed the world. 

Here are five things that have happened in the wake of the historic vote: 

David Cameron Announced His Resignation

A Record Number of Voters Cast Their Ballots Over the Brexit

 Global Stock Markets Are Plunging
The historic vote to Brexit shocked investors and stock markets plummeted worldwide
with key market indexes dropping between 7 and 12 percent across Europe.
In Britain, the FTSE 100 shed $137 million in value as it plunged nearly 4 percent.

The Nikkei in Japan is down nearly 8 percent. 
The value of both the Euro and the British pound also plunged.
The pound dropped to its lowest value in 31 years; $1.36 will now buy a pound.
The euro dropped, too – down to $1.10. 

J.K. Rowling and Other British Stars are Not Happy About the Brexit  Doh

But Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Are Ecstatic  Lol
"Basically, they took back their county," 
Trump told reporters, apparently referring to those who voted in favor of Britain leaving the E.U. 

Scotland Could Leave the U.K. to Stay in EU
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told reporters on Friday 
that the possibility of a second Scottish independence referendum is "highly likely." 
In September 2014, Scottish voters narrowly opted to remain a part of Britain. 

"It is a statement of the obvious that the option of a second independence referendum
must be on the table and it is on the table," she said. 

Every voting district in Scotland voted to stay in the EU.



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