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Next President of the United Fates of America
It's just a nauseum of grand proportions,
seeing the cesspool of news channels coverage of Clinton and Trump.
I have been too busy to catch a lot of coverage,
but it doesn't take much to get slimed by the news channel spookdoms.

The key to the next week or so will be the VP choices.

If Clinton chooses Warren I might have to hurl Yak

If Trump chooses Chris Toilet Christie, Trump-o-tainment will be Dump-o-tainment   Tp

If Trump chooses Newt  Coffee  Gingrinch  Hmm2
... well that would be good for Trump.

I was driving a big truck load of construction debris to the dump very early this morning,
and right there at the corner turnoff to the dump,
was a huge sign with the name
           T R U M P
and some asshole had gotten to it one night and spray painted out the letter  T  Whip


What is needed for both candidates with their sad last couple of weeks,
Hillary with her goddam emails and lies,
and Trump with his self sabotage motor mouth,
is needed  Naughty
debates  Applause   

Until then,
the clown infestations at TV news channels like C.on N.ews N.etwork,
will subsist upon the current melee of non stop Trump trashing,
and the namby pamby titty pinching that they dispense upon Hillary.

CNN = the cesspool of news nausea = Fox ... and all the rest

we need the two bitches to debate  Clinton ----> 989 <---- Trump 


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