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Next President of the United Fates of America
The Republican convention starts Monday amid massive security preparations.

Trump picks Pence as VP which is a much better idea than Christie,
but I would bet that Trump wanted Gingrich, but settled for the politically correct choice,
to pander to the Republican snot rags like Bush, Rubio, Cruz, etc etc etc

Expect riots is my expectation. 

People will be allowed to carry rifles and such outside the enforcement perimeter Lol

I still expect at some point that some crazy fuck will attempt to assassinate Trump,
but I expected that with Chimpy Bush when he was president as well and it didn't happen.

Now all the bullshit will steam up at the convention,
and if it goes well then the debate stage will heat up for when Trump and Clinton face off.

This is how I see it:
Neither candidate is worth a damn, 
but Clinton is too entrenched in the old status quo.
All the Republican candidates were a trash can of entangled garbage except for Rand Paul.
Kasich was interesting at times but his Howdy Doody Mr Rogers demeanor just failed.
Cruz is insane but a powerful personality that Trump will probably embrace if Cruz allows it.
Trump ascended the garbage pyramid of Republicans with little effort actually,
because the trash politicians in the race were so fucking awful anyways.
Trash like Scott Walker and Chris Christie and Jeb Bush,
and clowns like Rubio who shot himself in the foot more times than Trump,
though Trump knows how to grow a new foot and keep on standing.

Trump MIGHT back himself up with quality cabinet members and advisors,
but then he also might play out the czarist mania he actually embodies,
and appoint puppets.

Clinton is obviously a more scary alternative than Trump.
The White House would be fully advised and heavily influenced by Bill Clinton actually,
and it is interesting that isn't being suggested in the media.
This group is no different than the old Bush era nazi's.
The presence of Bill Clinton offers a very experienced international personality to balance Hillary.

I think that a major key in this election debacle is who either candidate points to Secretary of State.
This is where Trump can trump Clinton with the proper choice.
Both Cruz or Rubio would be good choices in that regard.

The potential VP picks Clinton has lined up are less than zero in desirability to my tastes,
but will pacify her public support.
If Clinton chose Sanders the election would be over.

I think that the Clinton email scandal is history, 
and a lost cause to dredge up,
though Trump no doubt will use it as a slogan opportunity and that still may be effective,
but will wear itself out quickly as the debates force more serious issues to the forefront.

The issue of Clinton's "honesty and trustworthiness" will generally become a non issue quickly. 
American people will be watching to see who says the right things on the economy first,
and the on the war second.

Public perceptions will be driven by seeing which candidate puts their foot in their mouths the deepest.
Trump has a propensity to suck up into his own ankles with deep throat stupidity,
and if he can avoid that he will probably outdo Clinton in the debates.
The news media will salivating like Pavlov's Hogs for Trump to say anything stupid.
Whereas, they will be more forgiving to Clinton doing the same,
so Trump really needs to listen to his advisors and play it conservatively ... until the debates,
but even then he has to be careful.
This is hard for Trump who relies on Improv.

Both candidates scare me ... my view is to get ready for global economic collapse,
and political war chaos to become exponential.

Neither candidate will be able to deliver upon their promises.
It becomes a matter of who I would rather see the global situation fail with.
Trump at least represents a solid change in the old establishment control of US futures.
He will unfortunately become the "take it or leave it" president, 
with Putinesque czar syndrome.

Clinton is like a steamboat wheel paddle ferry way deep down in a sludgy sewer trench,
steaming through a slog of political defecation.

Clinton has the upper hand with Putin by just being a woman,
and she can survive a Putin challenge more easily than Trump will.
If Trump loses round 1 to Putin in the international stage, he will never recover.
Putin knows this, and views Trump as a more handleable and malleable US candidate,'
because Putin knows that Trump has that propensity for foot in mouth disease.

Mexico will not pay for the wall, but the wall would at least be built under Trump,
but Clinton will play the same old stupidity and invite all the terrorists to settle here as immigrants.

The psyop of the Islamist terrorists is created by NOT addressing the ISIS psychopaths
with full military force when it was most opportune to snuff them out,
before they got their killers staged into Europe and proliferated their propaganda unhindered.

Now Turkey becomes a Stalinist styled Islamic S.ecurity S.tate with that little Hitler named Erdogan,
now pulling 2800 top military officials and 2700 top judiciary into detention and trials.
It would have been better to see him assassinated.
Unfortunate that he prevailed.
Erdogan will possibly hold the Incirlik air base hostage,
in order to force the extradition of the Turkish muslim cleric,
out of Pensylvania where he runs his religious contingency so influencial in Turkish affairs.

Erdogan basically becomes a streamlined Saddam in Turkey.
This destabilizes NATO further as the EU fractures under the onslaught of Syrian refugees, 
and the Brexit vote. 

NATO will be a top subject in the debates,
and I will bet that Trump backs down on his anti NATO rhetoric via advisors recommendations.

I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel with Trump.
I really see little light at the end of the tunnel,
because the tunnel descends to hell no matter who gets elected.

Other global events will unfold to force the direction of the hellbound Crazy Train.

It could be pandemic, 
it could be the next limited nuclear war,
and far worse than dealing with Putin will be the Chinese belligerence to unfold over the next decade.

In a way, 
Trump's belligerence may be the necessary component to tackle international affairs.
America does need to say NO to all the bullshit.
Trump knows how to point to bullshit really effectively,
but can he effectively shovel the shit out of the way while maintaining American public support ?

Clinton's shovel is caked in bullshit already,
but she has that teflon coating underneath the shit, just like Trump does actually.

so the next president needs to know how shovel the international shit storm out of the way,
of the:

Made in USA, 
by American workers and American infrastructures,
Walking tall with a big stick will harbor international distaste,
well tough shit, it's gotta be done sometime, and now is the time.
Putin gets away with it every day,
and Clinton will namby pamby around PC protocols before she finally acts with authority.
Trump MIGHT be different and out Putin ... Putin.
he won't be able to assassinate journalists with impunity like Putin has Lol

In that regard, 
Trump at last offers better rhetoric on international and domestic affiars to all effects than Clinton.

Europe will descend into a burn barrel of flaming conflict.
European countries don't need more police,
they need more military and army strength,
and France,
will soon deploy ground troops into Syria is my guess.
Murky Merkel will inevitably concede to financing a larger military.

Trump is correct to make the NATO European  countries pony up more responsibility and finances,
to their own military defense infrastructures.
It is the only thing that can counter the Islamic refugee surge and impending EU meltdown,
and the influence and growth of Putinesque Russian political power pressure on Europe.

Ukraine my ass.
There was never a WW3 there, it all emanates from the mideast,
and in the end,
it will be Iran that will burn when the Israeli's take out the Iranian nuclear plants.

That pustulent zit Erdogan in Turkey is really big problem.
We will see where he takes all this coup chaos in the next few weeks as he purges innocent people
from positions of judiciary and military.
Erdogan now pushes Turkey into an Islamic Stasi state.
That isn't a good thing for a fragile NATO.

Putin is laughing and pootin' on NATO --->  Horsepoop

Crazy Train.
Who will be the next conductor and train engineers?
No matter what, 
Putin is in the caboose relaxing and positioning himself to be the last one off in hell.

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