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Next President of the United Fates of America
I have been unable to keep up with the Republican convention and the news.
My days are a marathon of major repair reconstruction of property here.
Tomorrow will 6 days straight ten hours a day, and then a break.
It was either tear down the two story garage storage building,
or save it.
I decided to save it.

So this is what I was able to observe in the scant time I did catch some news.
I predicted to myself that more police would be killed,
before the latest Baton Rouge incident.
The situation projects that more police killings may be close on the horizon.
Also that it was just a short matter of time before another black person,
would be either shot or killed by police,
and it would make the national news.

That happened yesterday in north Miami,
as police shot a black mental therapist as he lay on the ground with his hands up,
clearly giving the police every possible reason not to shoot him.
The police excuse is that it was an accident,
and the intent was to shoot the half wit mental patient that was with the therapist on the ground.
You all saw the videos.

On the Republican convention,
I caught a few news clips with Trump's children speaking.
What little I saw was impressive.
Trump got a lot of positive feedback from convention events, even from CNN.

One very interesting response on the CNN political pundits round table talk,
was Ana Navarro,
a staunch anti Trump rag that pandered earlier in the race to Jeb Bush.
I can't stand her, 
which is why I found her comment interesting:
"I have learned not to undertestimate Trump, 
and not to overestimate Clinton."

And I think this is where the entire Democritter contingency is stuck in the mud.
They realize that Hillary can beat Trump,
but that she also can be overestimated in her capacity to handle a Trump surge.
They are actually scared to death of Trump pulling the rabbit out of the hat,
and coming from behind to surprise the sagging old bore Hillary.

Trump still represents something novel, robust and even smell the flowers refreshing,
compared to the same old lame old dragmosis of Hillary's Slow Ride Highway to Hell.

The Democrats in power sense that stuck in the mud sludge,
of the moldy old Clinton- Bush establishment unholiness.
This condition is like a semi-transparent film of slime,
that oozes off of Hillary's persona as she speaks and bumbles through staged press release speeches.

I didn't care for either VP selection,
but both choices helped their candidate more than hurt.
I would have rather seen Gingrich as VP,
He would have perfectly synergized with Trump.

Trump did very well in the convention by all news accounts.
I could not believe it ... 
standard anti Trump pundits on CNN even had a smile and praise for the Trump convention success.
They were truly surprised that Trump had a great showing,
and by all accounts it was Trumps children that showed excellence that was quite welcomed.

That wretched ingrown toenail of Satan - lyin' Ted Cruz,
tried to slither his forked tongue snake charm onto the Republican convention stage, 
but pretty much withered away his last chance,
like a broken bottle of snake oil evaporating in the hot desert sun of Texas.

Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush become Hillary's best men in this regard,
with both of them refusing to endorse Trump.
Jeb  Tp Bush is finished, and Ted Pimp Cruz will never be able to run for president again.

Rubio was at least smart enough to play ball long enough to make the endorsement,
while hoping to gain ground in his own senate race in Florida.  

to international events

That crazed egomaniac Erdogan in Turkey,
is performing a Stasi-Stalinesque purge of up to 50,000 people from their jobs and positions.
Erdogan will torture confessions out of the people he wants prosecuted the most.
The Turkish situation further grinds NATO into a stretched thin entity of disintegrating cohesion.
This in turn makes the war on ISIS just as, 
or more distasteful than Putin's support of the egomaniac Assad.

As the Islamic egomaniacs in the Mid East disembowel their own countries from within,
the Iranians,
have a fresh 150 billion to play with and are enjoying sideline seats with popcorn and peanuts.

... then out of nowhere an Iranian Ghoul in Munich kills children today ...

Sure doesn't matter if it is Sunni ISIS or Iranian Shia Hmm2
when these maniacal Ghouls 
snap Whip 
crackle Whip 
and pop Whip

the only good Islamic Ghoul
is a dead Islamic Ghoul

As Europe rapidly descends the flaming death teflon slide of Islamic terrorism,
they will soon understand that more police won't solve the problem,
though it might help control the problem,
what European countries like Germany and other Euro nations need to do,
is militarize together competent armies backed by massive increases in defense funding,
to fight against the impending onslaught of terrorism du jour on the their home turf,
and the preservation of their futures as something that still resembles Europe.

Which brings us back to black nationalist Ghouls in America martyring themselves,
while they kill police in retaliation for police killings of blacks.
This of course is completely unnacceptable.
My fear is that the example of what happened in north Miami,
with the black therapist shot while holding his hands up,
will happen soon enough again in the coming week or month,
and the flashpoint will be a crisis catalyzed by cops killing an important black person,
or another symbolic entity,
that enrages the entire black and even the white population.
People on the edge of reality,
will find convoluted and crazed excuses to rampage and kill, ready to martyr themselves.

It almost appears to becoming an international domino effect,
initially stimulated by media coverage of the everyday killings by the Islamic Ghouldom.
It is the psychopath plague of the end times.

The national cop killer - killer cop syndrome is not going to go away,
until the issue of police terrorism and excess is addressed in this country.

the prior insane Islamic Ghoul shootings in Europe, 
the insane truck driver in Nice,
the insane shooter in Munich,
and how many more to come in a succession of terror events?

"the new normal" in Europe ... there is no Europe anymore.

The Islamic Ghoul depravity of senseless killing spreading across the globe,
becomes a convenient model for localized disnincarnate psychofucks to end their lives,
in an orgy of killing everybody possible in sight.

The infestation of ISIS Ghouls in northern Syria and Iraq needs to be eradicated.
Their evil nest of nasties needs to cleansed by convincing and determined military force.
ISIS needs to be snuffed out with extreme prejudice. 

I posted this image in September of 2014.
I predicted accurately that Putin would eventually enter the Syrian war,
and use Russian jets with Russian pilots almost a year before he did.

If preparations for war against the evil of ISIS,
had been enacted as described by the satire with President Vianova in the image,
Raqqa and Mosul would have been captured within 6-9 months,
and by September of 2015, 
ISIS and al-Nusra would have been completely defeated Syria wide.

Northern Syria would have become a much safer living zone,
for the Syrian masses that immigrated in the last year,
and the scourge of the terrorism birthing in Europe by Syrian immigration,
would have been lessened by ten to a hundred fold. 

Even if the Kurds take Raqqa from ISIS,
that doesn't snuff out the Ghouldom, or address the egomaniac Assad.
That just starts another war.
The conquerer has to be the occupier that holds the territory together with determination.

Each successive day of terror in Europe,
draws those countries closer to deploying ground troops into Syria.

ISIS must be snuffed out with extreme prejudice.
They are the sickest evil of the end times, the grim Ghouls of Satan himself.

September 2014 image:

[Image: cK7ZGES.jpg?1]

In the Russian news,
Putin always wins,
and everybody else always loses.

Trump is correct, time to make America First Again.


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