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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:I think a melt down by Hillary under stress from Trump's wit during Debate
has good chance of occurring .

We can't just blame the media on Trump's slide.
Trump played out too many bad reactions to silly bullshit,
along with the TV media groups like CNN,
gaining ground in persecuting Trump relentlously as he slides. 
The whorehouse of Bush era Republicans,
have aligned with an infestation of other Republicans to trash and bury Trump.

Trump has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,
and could find himself doing worse than Mitt Rotney did. 
Trump on his own cannot win now,
unless he can hat rabbit a major debate victory in a Clinton "meltdown."

And that is entirely possible.
Clinton has a propensity to suddenly lapse into her Alzheimer amateur hour syndrome,
on a series of issues she that has been trying to avoid.
[Image: hillary-orange-is-the-new-black.jpg?w=640&h=343]

Trump cannot win on this election on his own, 
but Hillary can still lose it all by her own actions,
just as fast as Trump has slid down in the polls.

You can almost see it coming, some kind of Clinton catastrophe on the horizon.
At least that is what all the Democritters are clearly though secretly concerned about.
Trump can only be patient,
keep his mouth under control and maintain steady forward political movement,
and wait for that golden moment when Hillary either chokes on her words,
or gets further exposed in more scandalous affairs,
or suddenly displays a prospect of pushing up daisies with declining health issues.

There is a huge cringe factor in this election.
[Image: straightoughtahillary.jpg]


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