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Next President of the United Fates of America
DNC Chair Donna Brazile just stepped on a political landmine. She said the Clinton Cash Foundation scandal inquiry is trying to "criminalize behavior that is normal." It is not "normal" to sell 20% of America's uranium to RUSSIA and quietly bag $145 million from 9 investors in the deal. It is not "normal" to hide $2.35 million from the HEAD of Putin's uranium company. It is not "normal" to funnel tens of millions of taxpayer dollars meant for Haitian earthquake victims to your mega rich Clinton Foundation donors who did abysmal and shoddy work and pocketed the cash. There is nothing "normal" about auctioning State Dept. policies to FOREIGN POWERS. And the fact the DNC thinks otherwise shows how dangerous and politically tone deaf Hillary and the Establishment have become.

DNC Chair Brazile: Clinton Fdn Questions Attempt to 'Criminalize Behavior That Is Normal'

CNN’s John King on Hillary SoS Schedules Not Being Released Until After Election: 'This Is Nuts' - Breitbart

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