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Next President of the United Fates of America
You all had to see yesterday's news ... Smoke

CNN poll shows Trump with a 2% lead over Clinton. 

I laughed out loud while eating breakfast yesterday and watching the grim faces of CNN news casters.

Don {don't squeeze my} Lemon looked outright ill and pale.
Lemon was so sick pale over the news,
he could have passed for a white sheet spook without the pointy Klan hat.

Maria Cardona couldn't hide her smirk behind the obvious biting of her lower lip, 
as CNN news pro Trump pundits discussed the Trump turn around in the polls,'
and she sat there with her legs crossed tighter than a vice grip choking down on a steel pole.

Bacardi Sellers was conspicuously absent,
and so they bring in their next favorite black politico Van {Fu Fux Klan} Jones,
who also displayed a most chastised expression of dismay over the Trump poll numbers. 

Each and every CNN political news democritter was slunked down in a funk of near despair,
because in this case it is clear Whip
that Hillary Clinton's emails, Bengahzi,
and most especially 
Ms. Hillary Snagglepussy Clinton's weaseling of billions collected through the Clinton Clowndation,
has a lot of people totally turned off,
most especially
the Independents.

You know the proper spelling of their names at CNN,
but all the democratic campaign CNN news whores have to have an appropriate slanderous name attached.  

So CNN not having Paul Bugeye Begala Lol commentary handy and dandy to bail the CNN crew, 
out of it's sinking cesspool of morale quicksand,
they turn to  
Gloria Bogus Borger ... and Dana Gash Whip

John the fling King married his first wife Jean Makie and had two kids by her, 
Noah King and Hannah King. 
On May 25, 2008, 
King married his second wife and fellow Jewish CNN anchor Dana Gash
here is King, with Gloria Bolger the Hocus Bogus CNN Jew newscaster ... and CNN's Barf Blitzer
[Image: debate8.jpg]

and Dana Gash ... here with Van {fu fux klan} Jones
[Image: inspired-2015-09-dana-bash-1-main.jpg]

He is so polite to the Clinton Clowndation white girls at the CNN news HQ,
but Van {fu fux klan} Jones was quite ill, 
discouraged and medicated with sedation on CNN when the Trump polling news was unveiled yesterday.

Gloria Bogus Bull-ger of CNN known for lacking any political objectivity,
shows how to suck Bacardi Sellers little skinny black cock sideways Holycowsmile  on CNN primetime news,
as the other CNN reporter suggest a larger objective with his microphone.
[Image: JeffGloria.JPG]

Trump up 2% over Hillary in latest CNN polls



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