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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Directors", states the IT document to Kaine.

All of this points toward the current state of terrible information security both inside the US government and the Democrat party. While the leadership mouths security for all, they only really get upset when their own personal security is violated, as the reaction by House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi when her personal cell phone number was breached.
The Democrat party has yet to do item #1 "in case of private information breach": Inform your customers (donors) their private data has been breached.

Once again, hundreds if not thousands of citizens have had their private information breached because the Democrats did not pay attention to security. Most of them do no known their personal data is now circulating through the dark corners of the Internet underworld - again thanks to the Democrat party. The callous mishandling of important data has a direct effect on the small donors listed in the 93,000 DNC records breached to the large donors in the latest breach.

The leaks from the DNC and DCCC are mirrored in our government by massive breaches in the Office of Personnel Management, the FBI, the NSA, and even Hillary Clinton's personal "classified" email system. The callous mishandling of important data has a direct effect on the 20 million government employees who had their personnel records stolen by the Chinese Army and the 30,000 FBI agents who were exposed by stoners seeking fun as computer vandals.

Sadly, do not expect this story to end any time soon for the DNC, Hillary Clinton or for you the taxpayers and citizens of the United States.

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