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Next President of the United Fates of America
This morning I am having my breakfast watching the CNN Clinton Clowndation news.
And here we see a most blatant attempt to deceive the public,
and bolster Hillbillary' polling number public perception.

Here is what the latest CNN manufactured news Jew Brian Stelter played out,
in his news show which I call ---> Deniable Sources. Lol

He started his "Reliable Sources" news show with the New York explosions,
that happened last night.
That news presentation on the NYC explosions lasted less than 30 seconds,
and Brian  Pennywise Stelter
then went on another anti Trump adventure for the next hour.

Here is where the little bald headed cock sucking scumbag Stelter cheated,
and proved that CNN is nothing more than a corporate news whoredom,
bent on electing the HillBillary Clinton Clowndation to power.

Stelter is prompting a question to pres. candidate Gary Johnson,
in order keep the CNN effort of Defame Trump momentum reestablished,
since we have seen HillBillary's polling numbers dive.

As Stelter is presenting his bullshit,
up in the left corner of the screen CNN flashes a polling percentage chart.

It happened really fast Whip
The poll showed Clinton ahead by 2 points, .... with 43% to 41% to Trump.
But if your eyes were fast enough before they took down the chart,
you would see that the poll was taken from September 1-4,
the Clinton polling numbers diving from her attachments to the Clinton Clowndation,
and her health issues as a deteriorating pneumoniac. 
This is how CNN cheats and lies and is unfit to present the news to the public.

Brain Stelter sucks.
Brian Stelter is a bonafide dick head.
Here he is in a real news image, 
but Brian is too full of his own CNN Clinton Clowndation cock suck,
to realize Nonono
that he is why mistrust in the media is his own fault:

[Image: 2014-09-21-CNN-RS-Stelter.jpg]

CNN ... Clinton Clowndation news.

[Image: pz9fzKA.jpg]


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