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Next President of the United Fates of America
Watching some of the post debate clowndom at the corporate CNN whoredom Lol

what do you see?

Post debate polls where the CNN people admit that the audience polled,
was 2 to 1 democratic, and as such the obvious CNN results as seen.
They have taken that slanted result to expound upon Trump "losing the debate".

In the post election coverage with the political pundit panel under Anderson Stupor,
6 of the commentators are Democratic and 2 are Republican.
With a 6-2 advantage those post debate commentaries favor into the perception of Clinton winning.

I personally thought he buried her,
but where Trump failed for post debate CNN slanted coverage was among young undecided voters,
most of whom are young as opposed to older.

The big faux pas IMO however by Trump, 
was the law and order theme of "stop Whip and frisk Whip "
as the way  Naughty
race relations Lol

That alone probably cost him the entire Latino and black vote.
But he was bold and stuck to his principles on that one.

So the media push will be that he lost, and as such I didn't see that debate Nonono
but then I cannot stand Clinton any more than I could GW Bush.

Hillary regained composure in the last half of the debate.
I didn't see where she did very well at all,
but the post debate polls among undecided Florida voters hurt Trump.
The post debate CNN spin is just more precalculated corporate CNN Clowndation news tactics.

The most hilarious aspect  in the debate with Trump's tales of the unexpected,
was his comment on ISIS and Syria.


That one ought to send most of you Putin loving fans, 
{which are also here at home Trump supporters},
into a slack jawed Jawdrop fit of disbelief.

Aghast you must be! 


Trump stated that he wants to send NATO Sheep  OTAN into Syria to wipe out ISIS.  

Maybe Hillary won the debate after all then.
That's pretty much what she would do too.

I bet Putin laughed out loud when he heard that.
His entire Kremlin clowndom,
wiggled and jiggled with funny bone butthole surfer enthusiasm at that remark. 
They are itching to unleash Russian jets on NATO.

I think however that the US, French and British military, 
have a surprise ready for Putin's military pomp and puissance.

None the less, what a complete gas, what a laugh,
Trrump wants to send in NATO to northern Syria to wipe out ISIS.
A little too ... Jumping Jack Flash ... might get Trump into a Slumping Slack Crash.

We should just do it ourselves, and let the French and British tag along with jet support.
when it happens,
the big fucking question 
will the Israeli's come to our aid against the Russians, Iranians and Assad.


the debate high point in humor,
of course, 
aka ... the elephant in the porta-pottie:

Race relations = stop and frisk     Rofl

Especially CNN black democratic politicos like Bacardi Sellers and Van {fu fux klan} Jones.
Stop and frisk those two negroes first!


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